Beer Me This Week in South Jersey

* Need something to do Tuesday? Tuesday??? You want to give us some warning??? Sorry about that. But listen: it’s a Tuckahoe Beer Dinner at Ott’s in Sewell. Five courses for $40 a person. And don’t stay mad.

* This Thursday at High Street Grill in Mount Holly there will be a Unibroue Dinner starting at 7PM. It’s a multi-course dinner with beers paired from Unibroue. Call to make reservations.

* It takes two microbrews to takeover the taps at the mighty Vagabond Kitchen & Tap House in Atlantic City this Wednesday. And those two mcrobrews are Troegs from Pennsylvania and Jersey’s own River Horse. The takeover starts at 5PM.

* Flying Fish, however, can take over a tap on their own! And they will be doing just that on Thursday at Whistler’s Inn in Cinnaminson from 6PM to 8PM.

* If you waiting for the weekend for beer, this is a good weekend to wait for – especially if you’re heading down to Atlantic City. Golden Nugget is having their annual Beer Festival on Friday and Saturday with a number of events, including a Beer Dinner at Vic and Anthony’s, Beer and Sushi Pairings at Lillie’s and the big Craft Beer Tasting Saturday night.

* During the day on Saturday you can also enjoy the Craft Beerfest at Resorts, which is $25 a person to attend. The fun starts at 2PM.

* And one more Oktoberfest to add: Blue Monkey Tavern in Merchantville will have their Fall Beer Fest / Oktoberfest celebration on Saturday. The cost is $35 in advance and $40 at the door. The beer list is exciting.


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