Saying Goodbye to Revel

Atlantic City is really taking it on the chin these days. IMG_1647 (600x800) (2)

When Trump Plaza closes its doors later this month, it will make four casinos that have had to call it a day this year in AC: Atlantic Club, Showboat, Trump Plaza, and Revel. Of those four, it is Revel that I will miss the most. Yes, it was too big. The folks running the place took too long to get to know their market. And opening such a place at the time they did, with the level of debt that needed to be taken on to finish the building, put Revel in such a deep hole from the outset.

But this is not an autopsy. This is a celebration.

I loved Revel. The building was gorgeous. It let the sky and the ocean in, always reminding you that were, in fact, right on the shore. Just walking around the place was entertainment. Lisa and I would give each section its own name: the champagne section, the creme brulee section, the big lamp section, etc. Textures upon textures.

IMG_1824 (800x590) (2)And then, there were the restaurants. To have such places as Amada, Azure and American Cut under one roof. The drinks and nibbles available at Village Whiskey. The mussels and Belgian brews at Mussel Bar. The funky bottle-capped food truck at Distrito Cantina. Soup dumplings at Yuboka. For the food enthusiast, what a fun playground!

IMG_1822 (800x600) (2)We will have our fond memories. Those heady days in April 2012 when we were simply in awe. Chef Alain getting Lisa to admit that yes, beets can taste good. Did I mention soup dumplings?

IMG_3840 (2)

But now we have to part. For those who are now looking for work, I send a prayer of hope to you. Looking for work in this day and age is a rough road (I know; I’ve checked). My hope is that your next journey will begin soon enough.

For those who never made it to Revel, you missed out. Its like will probably not be seen again. Atlantic City will remake itself once more, and I look forward to see what’s next. In the meantime, there are still so many dining destinations in AC to enjoy right now. It was a destination long before casinos, and it will still be in days to come.


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