LBI’s Chowderfest 2014

Chowderfest2010 009The clams are back!

LBI’s annual Chowderfest is happening this Sunday starting at 11AM. It is a battle for white and red chowder supremacy, and this year’s theme is Clammiccon, the battle will take on a superheroic guise. The fun begins at 11AM on Sunday, and the cost is $20 a person.

Competing this year includes LBI’s own Chicken or the Egg, Howard’s, Stefano’s, The Black Whale and Country Kettle Chowda along with mainlanders such as Shore Fire Grille, Phillips, Lefty’s, and Sea Oaks Country Club. You get to taste and vote for your favorite white and red chowders. A group of wily veteran tasters, led by Ed Hitzel, will also be tasting. A Peopes’ Choice and Critics’ awards will be handed out for each style of chowder.

A costume contest is also a part of this year’s theme. I wouldn’t expect to see Dr. Sheldon Cooper dressed up as Mr. Spock, but there will be plenty of others getting into the cosplay spirit.

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