South Jersey Nibble: Dine Out for Hunger on September 15th

We all, in some way or another, like to be helpful. We also have our regularly-scheduled obligations that need daily attention. Sometimes, these two factions can try to pull us in two different directions.

But what if we could work on both at the same time? And by work, I mean enjoy a meal? After all, we all have to eat, so why not eat and help out those who are struggling to feed themselves.

Dine Out for Hunger

Tomorrow is the Food Bank of South Jersey’s Dine Out for Hunger event, and restaurants throughout Burlington, Camden and Gloucester counties are participating. To see the list of restaurants, click here to go to the Dine Out for Hunger page. And then tomorrow, all you have to do is:

  1. Go to the restaurant of your choice.
  2. Let your server know you are “dining out for hunger.”
  3. Enjoy your meal.

Each participating restaurant will donate a portion of their proceeds to the Food Bank of South Jersey.

So go out tomorrow, enjoy a night at one of our many fine dining establishments, and be of service to others who need some help. People are still hurting – there still a need.


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