South Jersey Nibble: The Makers Festival in Manahawkin on September 19th

Love this graphic from Bunkerfish!
Love this graphic from Bunkerfish!

The summer season is over, and the locals along the shore are coming out of their bunkers and enjoying the still-warm weather. It seems altogether fitting and proper that a celebration of all things locally handcrafted would be taking place now. It is the first annual Makers Festival, and it will be held this Saturday from 10AM to 6PM at Beach View Farms in Manahawkin.

For those with a thing for art, clothing, jewelry, and other homemade crafts, the lineup of vendors looks intriguing. By last count, there will be over sixty handmade vendors and at least five vintage vendors (the vendors may not be vintage themselves, but their items are). There will also be handcrafted music, as seven different bands will be playing live throughout the event – hopefully not all at the same time.

But this a food site, so we gotta talk about the handmade viands that will be available for your eating pleasure. The Schwee Tea Co. will be bringing its smoothies and vegetarian/vegan cooking skills, along with LBI’s Living on the Veg restaurant. El Swell is now closed for the summer, but you get one more shot at sampling their Mexican fare on Saturday. The WooHoo (and how could you not like a place with this moniker), fresh off their first summer season on the island, will be on hand to serve up their fun take on burgers, sammies, salads and other nibbles. And yoga teacher Crystal Dawn Froberg will be making organic vegan sweet treats under her Passion Flour heading (she will also be offering yoga classes during the event, making her a dual threat).

If that wasn’t enough for you, you have to go to the Makers Festival website and check out the Rustic Drift Biergarten. It is one of a kind, and it makes its debut on Saturday. Just go look…I’ll wait…

(drumming a bit on the desk…humming…)

Cool, right?

On tap at the Biergarten will be Pinelands Brewing, Tuckahoe Brewing, Forgotten Boardwalk and Flying Fish, as well as Angry Orchard and The Traveler Beer Co.

Since Beach View Farms is a real working farm, there will guided farm tours at 11AM, 2PM and 4PM. You can sign up for tours online or in person at the event.

The festival is free to attend, but there is a $10 charge for the Biergarten (but you get a glass and one free beer).


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