South Jersey Nibble: Elktoberfest in Forked River on September 27th

It’s a rare treat to be able to talk about a food event in my own neck of the woods, but here goes:


This Sunday is the first annual Elktoberfest, hosted by the Lacey Elks (Get it? Elktoberfest? Elks?). The traditional German food for the event is being provided by the Forked River Butcher Shop, AKA The German Butcher, AKA “The Best of the Wurst” (their joke, not mine). Bad jokes aside, we have made many a journey to The German Butcher and can almost guarantee that the lineup of bratwurst, sauerbraten, spaetzle and other treats will be wonderful.

Music for the event is being provided by two bands, one of which is Polkadelphia who call themselves the #1 polka band in Philly. They say that they take Beatle and Radiohead songs and polka-itze them. Could be brilliant. Also entertaining the folks will be Bernie’s Orchestra, which also has an accordian player – so I would expect some more polka music out of them as well.

Elktoberfest will run from 11AM to 7PM.


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