Zed’s Beer in Marlton

I like Zed and his beer.

I like that Zed’s Beer sometimes employs a hyphen in its full name: Zed’s Beer-Bado Brewing. Us hyphen folk have to stick together.

I like the layout of the brewery and tasting room. Clearly Zed is employing TARDIS-like technology to make the inside seem much larger than how the place appears on the outside. The tasting room section feels right-sized, where a big crowd would fit nicely around the bar and tables, and a smaller group isn’t swallowed up.

I like that all the beers available are session beers, meaning that you don’t have to worry so much about having a second (or even a third) at one sitting. Too often, I go to a local brewery and find that almost every brew on tap is north of 6% alcohol by volume (ABV). Staying within the session range (3-5%) allows you to enjoy the beer and chatting with your friends and loved ones. In this case, I was enjoying a day with a few food-mad friends: Marilyn “Philly Grub” Johnson, John “F’n” Cohl and NJ.com’s Pete “Munchmobile” Genovese.

I like Geoff Bado. Geoff is just the kind of brewer you would want to meet when going to a microbrewery. He’s friendly and engaging. He’s knows what he’s talking about when it comes to beer. He listens. And if there’s a beer you don’t like, he wants to know why. I sampled a coffee-heavy beer that I found to be, erm, too coffee-y for my liking. I told Geoff how I felt about it, and he took it in without looking at me like ‘you’re an idiot’ – even if he thought that I was, in fact, an idiot.

I really like the Dublin Porter – aka Zed’s On The Liffey. I liked it so much upon my first time sampling that I brought home a crowler-ful.

I like crowlers, by the way.

I like Zed’s playfulness and creativity when it comes to the shandy. Instead of just a one-off during the summertime, Zed’s makes a number of shandy-like beers. We sampled a coffee shandy (not the too coffee-y beer mentioned earlier) that was very drinkable and almost not a beer. It demonstrated that creativity in a beer doesn’t have to come with a high-alcohol price tag.

I like that Zed’s has a plan and is sticking with it. Us beer lovers will all be the better for it.

Zed’s Beer-Bado Brewing19 North Maple Ave., Marlton. 856.872.7632. 





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