Tony Luke’s At Home

Disclosure: This was a media event that I was invited to attend. Attendees were provided samples to try at the restaurant as well as given samples to bring home. I am not being paid to write this post.

I enjoy a Tony Luke’s cheesesteak. Never the biggest or the most tricked-out, but Tony Luke’s steaks are consistently good regardless of which location. And considering where I live, and the number of sad, depressing sandwiches that were called cheesesteaks I have consumed, I would take a Tony Luke’s every day and twice on Sunday.

Recently I attended an event hosted by Tony Luke himself at his Sicklerville location. The event was all about Tony’s newest product – Tony Luke’s At Home delivery service. This service is the end result of fifteen months of work, according to Tony. The concept is simple: delivering a Tony Luke’s cheesesteak (or several) to those who no longer live in the Philly region and are missing a bit of home, or for those who are curious to try a cheesesteak but don’t have a Tony Luke’s nearby. Now, Tony Luke’s can come to you through the magic of online shipping.

While at the event, those in attendance were able to sample a regular and chicken cheesesteaks that were prepared following the instructions that anyone at home would follow. And those instructions are super easy. How easy? Take the cheesesteak in it wrapping, put it on a baking sheet and into a 375-degree oven for 20 to 25 minutes.

That’s it. Really.

After tasting the beef and chicken, and enjoying both, the real test lay ahead. Could I duplicate the same result at home following the simple instructions?

Well, admittedly I stumbled out of the gate. I froze the four cheesesteaks and didn’t read the note in the instructions that said if the cheesesteaks are frozen they need to be in the fridge for 24 hours prior to cooking them. So imagine the disappointment of my family expecting Tony Luke’s only to have to wait another day. Whoops.

So a day later, and take two – the cheesesteaks were ready to go into the oven.

And how did they come out? The bread had that satisfying bit of crispiness on the outside, and the meat had not gotten dried out in the oven. And from the reaction of my family, who ended up devouring the cheesesteaks, I’d say the final product was pretty darn good.

I posted images on Instagram and received a comment about not seeing a lot of meat. Two things:

  • Even Tony Luke himself will tell you that the best way to have one of his cheesesteaks is to go to one of his locations. This shipping service is for those who aren’t anywhere near a Tony Luke’s.
  • The way I see it, the more meat you try to add, the longer it would take in the oven to heat up – which could possibly dry out some of the meat and overcook the bread.

Overall, I was more than satisfied with the cheesesteak I was able to warm up in the comfort of my own home. If I was far away from Philly and needed a taste of home, ordering up a few Tony Luke’s could just be the jawn for the job.

Tony Luke’s At Home


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