Lemon Curry? A Couple of Cupcake Events to Challenge Your Taste Buds

Image from Iron Cupcake Challenge: Moorestown


Oh no…enough with the cupcakes!

I hear some of you saying that. And yes, to be fair, cupcakes have been done to death in the last couple of years. BUT – they are still fun, and we like fun…so all you cupcake haters better step off as we tell you about a couple of cupcake events that are coming up later this month.

Kati Angelini of Kati’s Cupcakes fame is back with the next edition of Iron Cupcake Challenge. For the first battle of 2011, the challenge will benefit Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. Guess what the theme ingredient is? Bacon. So get ready to enjoy some pork-y fat goodness as…what…you’re not buying it? OK fine – the flavor, of course, would be lemon, in honor of Alex’s Lemonade Stand, and the overall theme will be summertime. So if you’re feeling like getting your baking groove on, why not try your hand at a little cupcake combat? The entrance fee is $25 for adults and $15 for kids (there is a separate competition for the kids). If you want to just come and share in the festivities, and maybe get a taste or two, there is a $5 fee to attend. Keep in mind that the money is going to a good cause.

The location for this month’s challenge is Pinsetter Bar & Bowl in Pennsauken, and it sounds like Kati might be able to have them throw in free bowling for the entrants. So if there are contestants that don’t feel like the voting went their way, they can always settle things over 10 frames. By the way, all the fun starts at 12:30PM.

Maybe you’re not a cupcake hater, but you’re tired of the same-old, same-old. Well, The Cookie Cab in Toms River is prepared to smack the sameness right out of you with their Extreme Cupcake Tasting event on July 30 at their Washington Street location. How extreme are we talking? Check out some of the cupcakes they will be offering to sample:

Elvis – Peanut Butter Cake filled with Banana and topped with a Brown Sugar Buttercream and Candied Bacon

Aztec – Mexican Spiced Chocolate Cake glazed with Chocolate Ganache, topped with Mexican Chocolate Buttercream and a whole hot Chili Pepper

Brahma’s Blessing – Curry Spice Cake topped with a sweet Chai Latte Swiss Meringue Buttercream and a Fondant Om

Salty Dog – Chocolate Cake topped with a Chocolate Buttercream, Chocolate Drizzle, Homemade Caramel, Chocolate-dipped Kettle Cooked Potato Chips and Sea Salt

Green Fairy – Absinthe laced Vanilla Cake with a White Chocolate Frosting and Candy Fairy Wings

Siamese – Peanut Butter Cake with Red Curry topped with a Coconut Buttercream and Ground Cayenne Pepper

I don’t know about you, but I have often remarked that cupcakes didn’t have enough curry and absinthe in them. 😉

The event is free, so come on down and get extreme.



6 thoughts on “Lemon Curry? A Couple of Cupcake Events to Challenge Your Taste Buds

  1. Thats awesome!! Check out the new cupcake shop in Lanoka Harbor, I’ll be looking into that the next few weeks. For a great shop for those of you in Central Jersey, Sugarush in Red Bank is FANTASTIC!!!!

    1. We’ve actually been to Cupcake Cravings a few times. They’re either closed or they run out of stuff early. Hopefully we will catch them on a good day soon.

  2. Thanks for posting this John!! We are very excited to get the word out about our upcoming challenge to benefit Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation! We are especially excited to have Alan Richardson, of “Hello, Cupcake” and “What’s New Cupcake” fame as one of our esteemed judges-going to be a great event for a wonderful cause–thanks again for posting!!

  3. Thanks for the posting about The Cookie Cab’s Extreme Cupcake Tasting. Our guest baker, Adam Hayek, has been introducing his many original recipes each week at The Cab.
    It has been a fine treat for the locals as well as visitors to DownTown Toms River .

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