Friday Foodstuffs: Have You Been to Revel Yet?

On Sunday. Really?

Last Saturday, we had the great of pleasure of being guest hosts with Ed Hitzel on his radio program on WOND-AM. One of the interesting things to come out of the show was when Ed asked one of his callers if he had been to Revel yet. The caller indicated that he had not, and Ed made the point that nine out of ten locals he has to talked to have yet to make a trip Revel. Interesting.

Later in the week, we had another moment of gratefulness when we attended a media dinner at Azure by Allegretti (a full review to be coming soon). The meal was virtually flawless: flavorful, colorful and skillful. Simply wonderful. It would be a shame if people didn’t venture out and give Revel a try.

So…why is it that locals aren’t going to Revel?

Is it the economy? Well, that certainly isn’t helping.

Is it the fact that Revel is so big and intimidating? Possible. Some people like their casinos on the small side, and there’s nothing small about Revel.

Is it the fear that Revel is so expensive that it’s too far out of reach? Maybe.

What do you guys think? I’m curious to hear how you guys feel about this.

Restaurant News

A Margaritaville restaurant and bar on a rebuilt Steeplechase Pier in AC? It’s in the works.

The Oyster Cracker Cafe down at the Bayshore Discovery Project had its grand opening.

The Clam Bar in Beach Haven had a minor fire this week. Thankfully, the damage was minimal.

Here’s the Farmers’ Market Report

Your local farmers’ market is surely open by now…except if you’re living here in Lacey. Still a couple of weeks away. Sigh.

Blogging Out Hunger

A community garden is going up in Millville, part of which will be used to help with local soup kitchens.

And  in other food news this week…

OK Governor, let’s sign that brewery bill!

The alcohol curfew for Point Pleasant Beach, which was going to go into place this weekend, did not…for now.

A press release from Landis MarketPlace in Vineland that went out last Friday made mention of the local produce they offer and the farms they use. One problem: they aren’t actually offering any local produce.

Pizza joint in Sea Isle City is suing the town for what the believe is the breaking of an agreement from 1992.

Could the Delaware Bay once again be a place to harvest caviar? Hmmm…

A fire at a pork roll factory in Trenton? Well, they do hickory smoke them.

And congrats to Chef Demetrios Haronis, winner of the 2012 Jersey Seafood Challenge!

Enjoy what’s left of your weekend, and say a prayer for those who were affected by the nasty storms that hit South Jersey.

2 thoughts on “Friday Foodstuffs: Have You Been to Revel Yet?

  1. I have eaten at Revel. I ate twice at Jose Garces’ taco truck. I thought it was fairly good value for the price, although the pollo tacos w/ avocado ($10) were way too salty. Jose’s salad was terrific – and huge. I had to take more than half of it home, which isn’t so great for a casino. A smaller offering at a lesser price would be nice.
    I also ate at the Italian bistro-style place, Lugo. I had their wild mushroom pizza with fontina cheese for $15 – very good; and I felt the price was fair considering you are in a casino. My companion sent a meal back, felt it was not described properly on the menu. The chef did as requested and toned down the spice in a whole new presentation; so my friend was satisfied.
    Some other friends from here in Vineland recently ate at Amada and are still raving about the deliciousness – but they indeed paid a hefty price for the Chef’s tasting menu – $75 each. And they felt the drinks were over priced. They also raved about the exquisite service.

  2. About the article in the DAILY JOURNAL and selling local produce at the Landis Maketplace: One vendor, Lurie Luciano of the Cajun-style restaurant on the upper level, LUCIANO’S FRESH MARKET, does indeed buy from local producers, most of whom know her well from her frequent buying trips around the county. I recently enjoyed a shrimp poboy there with slaw made from Vineland area cabbage. Same for her gumbo – which includes local produce.
    Luciano is a true believer in the locavore movement and embodies the spirit of what a local market such as the one on Landis should be.
    I wish all the vendors there would follow that path. There is still room for – and a longing for – exactly that sort of market among many of us here in the Vineland area.

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